Certificate: PG

Release date: 2018

4 out of 5


Get ready for your heart strings to be pulled by this sweet animated story from Japan’s Mamoru Hosoda. It’s the story of four year old Kun, who is upset that his life has been disrupted by the arrival of a baby sister named Mirai, which means ‘future’.

While his mother is at work and his father is struggling with the household, Kun storms off into the garden of his strange home and encounters something magical – visitors from the past and future, including a teenage version of Mirai herself., there to teach him about love and home.

Weaving humour – much in the form of Yukko the dog, who wasn’t impressed himself when Kun came along – with wisdom about ordinary family life, it’s an enchanting tale that celebrates family, sibling love and rivalry, and is a sweet, lovely movie for everyone.

Is Mirai suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This is a PG certificate movie and there are some scenes that may upset very young (under 7) viewers, including a scene in which Kun gets angry with his sister and makes her cry

There is also a scene in which Kun is pulled into a dragon-shaped train that may scare very young children.

Viewers may also be upset my a scene in which Kun imagines his mother turning into a demon.

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