Little Eggs: A Frozen Rescue

Certificate: U

Release date: 2023

3 out of 5


Huevitos Congelados (to give it it’s Mexican-Spanish title) is actually the fifth Little Eggs movie that follows the adventures of chicken Toto and his family.

This time around, Toto vows to help a polar bear cub named Polito that has escaped from a travelling circus, even though it means enduring sea pirates, killer whales, snowboarding penguins and, of course, freezing temperatures if they are to return the little furball to the South Pole.

Aimed at the littlest of viewers, this is a bright, well-paced and cute addition to the Huevos franchise, that should entertain young viewers with its mix of fun, adventure and colourful CGI animation. Parents should note that Toto and Polito are often in danger, making it slightly more tense than, say, a PAW Patrol movie, but otherwise younger viewers should be fine.


Is Little Eggs: A Frozen Rescue suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Polito is separated from his parents, which may upset sensitive viewers.

Polito, Toto and his family are often in danger. Under-7s may be scared by the pirates and whales, and may also be distressed by the death of an older character (though it is not dwelled on for long).

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