March Of The Penguins 2: The Next Step

Certificate: U

Starring: Morgan Freeman

Release date: 2017

5 out of 5


2005’s superb documentary March Of The Penguins showed us that life really does find a way, as emperor penguins faced an epic and extraordinary journey in Antarctica, one of the harshest places on earth.

This sequel, more than a decade later, is just as gorgeous, sad and triumphant as the original and once again features the wise tones of Morgan Freeman as narrator. This time, the documentary focuses on fathers and sons as the male penguins bond from the moment that the dad has to protect the penguin egg from harm.

Featuring stunning photography once more – including some mesmerising underwater filming – and a fascinating story, this is another sharply told insight into these unusual creatures that should enchant kids and adults while slyly educating them at the same time. Lovely.

Is March Of The Penguins 2: The Next Step suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Parents should note that there are scenes in which the young penguins are in peril from birds of prey which may upset young viewers.

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