Spark Poster


Certificate: PG

Voices of: Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Stewart, Jace Norman, Hilary Swank

Release date: 2017

2 out of 5


When monkey Spark (Norman) was a baby, evil General Zhong took control of planet Bana, obliterating most of it and sending its inhabitants into a black hole with the help of a space monster called Kraken (yes, really). Raised by a warrior fox named Vix (Biel) and pig Chunk on the barren planet, Spark is now a petulant 13-year-old who wants to have his own space adventures. He gets his chance when it turns out he and his pals may be the only ones who can stop Zhong from raising the Kraken once more and taking over the universe.

While this animated space adventure is bright to look at, it’s lacking any original ideas and only the youngest members of the audience won’t be annoyed by Spark’s whiny character and the too-obvious plot twists. Parents, meanwhile, will roll their eyes at all the clichés and scenes ripped off from other movies – there are nods to everything from Star Wars to Transformers that just serve to remind us how much better those movies were than this forgettable space cartoon.

Is Spark suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Very young viewers may find the ‘evil’ Zhong a little scary.

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