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Capture The Flag review

We review Capture The Flag - a kid heads to the moon in this fun space adventure

Capture The Flag

Certificate: U

Voices of: Dani Rovira, Michelle Jenner, Carme Calvell

Release date: 2015

3 out of 5


A devious billionaire named Carson decides to rewrite history by stealing the American flag placed on the moon in 1969 in this bright and zippy Spanish computer animated kids adventure.

Carson sets off on his nefarious mission to claim the moon for himself, so NASA calls up astronaut Scott Goldwing to lead a crew to stop him – but due to a series of unfortunate events, when the rusty old Saturn 5 rocket launches it’s not Scott on board, but his estranged and rather grumpy father (and retired astronaut) Frank, Scott’s 12-year-old son Mike and his friend Amy. Oops. It’s up to the three of them – and a surprisingly cute lizard named Igor that has stowed away – to stop Carson, while Mike and Amy’s computer nerd pal Marty helps NASA to bring them safely back home.

With a fun villain and cute kid heroes, this zips along at a nice pace and provides laughs and action throughout. While the plot is a little predictable, it’s still enjoyable, especially as it looks so true to life (former NASA staff advised on the look of the command centre and spacecraft). Kids interested in planets, space travel and science fiction will love it, and perhaps even want to look up stories about the real mission to the moon after the end credits roll.

Is Capture The Flag suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

While the villain does kill a couple of minions, he is more funny than scary. There are tense moments but never the feeling that the lead characters are truly in danger.

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