Curious George

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Curious George

Starring: Voices by Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore. (U)

Release date: 2006

3 out of 5


Margret and HA Rey wrote the Curious George books for toddlers over 65 years ago, and this traditional animated adventure featuring the mischievous monkey stays reasonably close to their original drawings and ideas. Sweet but dim museum guide Ted (voiced by Ferrell) travels to Africa to secure a giant statue that could save the fate of the museum where he works. Unfortunately, he instead returns with a figurine more the size of a key ring, and a stowaway cheeky monkey who has taken a liking to him, but whose antics soon cause poor Ted to lose his job and his apartment.
Squarely aimed at the littlest of viewers, this doesn't have any of that grown-up humour that's present in family films like Toy Story or The Incredibles. Instead, it's just sweet and simple stuff featuring a loveable central character and nice vocal performances from a cast that also includes Barrymore as Ted's possible love interest and Dick Van Dyke as his boss. 

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