Curly Sue

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Curly Sue

Starring: James Belushi, Alisan Porter. (PG)

Release date: 1991

3 out of 5


Teen movie maestro John Hughes wrote and directed this family comedy about homeless pair Bill (Belushi) and cutesy little Curly Sue (Porter, now grown up and pursuing singing rather than acting), who live on the road and feed themselves by conning people with harmless little scams. When one such scam involves cold-hearted lawyer Grey Ellison (Kelly Lynch), they get not only a free meal, but also a possible mum for Sue and love interest for Bill (while Grey thaws and finds she has a heart).
Adults will either love or hate winsome little Sue as she charms her way across the screen, while junior viewers will chuckle at her antics but perhaps be less enthused about the potential Lynch/Belushi romance. All in all, it’s sentimental but funny stuff, not a great movie but an enjoyably dippy one. 

Is Curly Sue suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...


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