The Red Turtle Poster

The Red Turtle

Certificate: PG

Voices of: Writer/director: Michael Dudok de Wit

Release date: 2016

5 out of 5


Fans of Studio Ghibli’s movies will love this beautiful, poignant animated story, made by Dutch filmmaker Dudok de Wit in partnership with the famous Japanese studio. Inspired by the story of Robinson Crusoe, it is the almost silent (there is no dialogue) story of a man washed up on a deserted beach.

When he explores he discovers a forest, fresh water, the beach, and ocean all around, but the only signs of life are the little crabs that scurry across the sand, and fish in the sea. Determined to leave the island, he builds a raft, only for it to be smashed from beneath both times he ventures out into the water. On the third occasion, he discovers that it is a giant red turtle who is sabotaging his escape, and this discovery leads to a new find that encourages him to build a life on the island.

To say more would spoil this elegant, moving movie that manages to be both exciting and gripping without a word being spoken. The animation is simply lovely, and the story of survival and courage should mesmerise older kids who love and appreciate movies and adults who make the effort to seek this heart-breaking movie out.

Is The Red Turtle suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This film is aimed at older (11+) audiences, and features moments of peril (the initial stranding on the beach after a storm, a tsunami) that may upset younger viewers.

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