The Son Of Bigfoot

Certificate: PG

Voices of: Pappy Faulkner, Christopher L Parson, Terrence Stone

Release date: 2017

3 out of 5


A fun animated adventure from nWave, the Belgian/American studio behind Robinson Crusoe and The House Of Magic, The Son Of Bigfoot tells the story of lonely 13-year-old Adam.

Bullied by the school mean kids, Adam discovers he’s going through some changes, and not just the normal pubescent ones. It seems that his feet are growing rather big, and if he cuts his hair it grows back again overnight. When he finds out that the scientist dad he thought was dead is actually hiding out in the forest due to his own hairy problems, Adam tracks him down learns that not only is his dad a Bigfoot, but he has superpowers (super strength and speed) and Adam has them too. Which will come in handy, as there is a nasty millionaire after them who wants to harvest their DNA to create a new hair-growing formula.

Boasting some impressive animated fur and hair effects, slick action sequences (the father/son race through the forest is a treat) and cute woodland animals, this is a really enjoyable little movie that zips along at a swift pace and is peppered with some nice humour, too. While the bad guy isn’t very, well, bad, and the plot doesn’t offer many surprises, it’s still entertaining stuff and nWave’s best animated movie to date.

Is The Son Of Bigfoot suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Sensitive young children (under 7s) may be frightened by the opening scene, when Adam’s father is chased through the forest by men and dogs.

Very young children may find Wallace Eastman (the bad guy) slightly scary.

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