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Robinson Crusoe review

We review Robinson Crusoe - a fun reinvention of the Daniel Defoe classic, as seen from the animals' viewpoint

Robinson Crusoe

Certificate: U

Voices of: David Howard, Laila Berzins, Sandy Fox

Release date: 2015

3 out of 5


A bright Belgian animated movie (dubbed into English, and released as The Wild Life in the US) for littler members of the audience, this adventure tells the classic Robinson Crusoe tale, but from the point of view of the animals on whose remote island he is shipwrecked upon.

It’s certainly a novel update for Daniel Defoe’s classic story, as parrot Mak imagines what life is like beyond his idyllic home, and sees the new castaway as his ticket to adventure. The other animals – including a cute tapir named Rosie, kingfisher Kiki and chameleon Carmello – are a bit wary of the human visitor who seems unusually clumsy, but when the peace of the island is threatened it looks like they will need his help.

Audiences over the age of seven will probably prefer a slicker, funnier animal animation such as the Rio or Ice Age movies, but younger viewers should like the cute creatures, Crusoe’s rickety home, and the silly but laugh-inducing jokes in this simple but enjoyable adventure.

Is Robinson Crusoe suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Parents should note that one of the likeable characters dies and this may upset sensitive viewers.

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