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Shaun The Sheep The Movie review

Check out our review of Shaun The Sheep The Movie - a truly delightful adventure that’ll appeal to everyone

Shaun the Sheep poster

Shaun The Sheep The Movie

Certificate: U

Voices of: Justin Fletcher, Andy Nyman, John Sparkes

Release date: 2014

5 out of 5


Shaun the loveable sheep – whom we first met two decades ago in the short A Close Shave – finally gets his own movie, and it’s a truly delightful adventure that’ll appeal to more than just the little kids it’s aimed at. Made by the stop-motion whizzes at Aardman Animations, who also gave us Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run, Shaun The Sheep The Movie has our cheeky little ovine pal heading to the big city after his plan for a day off on the farm backfires.

Instead of lazing about for the day after tricking the farmer, Shaun and his friends realise Farmer has been knocked unconscious and is on his way to the city with no memory of who he is. So it is Shaun, the flock and Bitzer the dog to the rescue as they go in hot pursuit (and by bus) to bring Farmer back.

Charming throughout, this adorable little movie piles on the laughs which is quite an impressive feat when you realise Shaun’s previous adventures have been five minute TV episodes not a feature length film, and that the entire proceedings take place without any dialogue being spoken (unless you count ‘baa’ as even Farmer only mumbles). It’s all told with physical comedy (think of a fleecier Laurel And Hardy) and intricate facial expressions, and it is often hilarious, especially during a restaurant scene where the sheep try to blend in with the other customers.

Little fans of the TV series will be in heaven, but older kids and grown-ups will also find themselves chortling along at Shaun’s truly excellent adventure.

Is Shaun The Sheep The Movie suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Very young (under-5s) viewers may find the animal controller trying to catch the sheep a bit scary.

There is some rude humour (eg farting).

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