See Spot Run

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See Spot Run

Starring: David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan. (PG)

Release date: 2001

1 out of 5


Incredibly dumb doggy comedy that thinks it can coast by on cheap laughs. There’s lots of pratfalling for David Arquette as the dopey postal worker who comes into possession of a bull mastiff dog while he is babysitting a cute six-year-old boy (Angus T Jones, now known for the comedy series Two and a Half Men), unaware the pooch works for the FBI and is on the run from a mobster (Paul Sorvino) whose drugs he has sniffed out.
It’s all an excuse for slapstick stuff (Arquette falling from a drainpipe, minus his trousers, and landing in dog poo, that sort of thing) that kids may giggle at while parents may frown at the vulgarity of it all (basically, if you have a problem with fart jokes, you’re really going to hate this movie). 

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