Princess Emmy

Certificate: U

Voices of: Ruby Barnhill, Franka Potente, John Hannah

Release date: 2019

2 out of 5


Thanks to a magical book, little Princess Emmy (Barnhill) has the secret ability to talk to horses and is the only one in the kingdom who can do so. However, it turns out that to keep the gift, she has to prove herself worthy, which may be difficult as she has a princess ball to prepare for, and an obnoxious, jealous cousin named Gizana (Bella Ramsey) plotting against her as well.

A short (it’s only 78 minutes) German animation for the youngest of viewers, this is sweet but pretty forgettable fare. There’s nothing to scare junior audiences, but not much to enthral them, either – kids used to the excitement of Frozen will yawn as Emmy frolics with the horses (who aren’t very interesting conversationalists) and only be mildly interested in Gizana’s schemes to be the best princess in town.

One for princess- and horse-mad viewers only.

Is Princess Emmy suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

While Emmy does have some adventures, there is nothing here to scare even the littlest viewers.

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