Good Boys

Certificate: 15

Starring: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L Williams, Brady Noon

Release date: 2019

3 out of 5


While parents may not be sure whether to view this comedy with hilarity or horror, older teens (it’s a 15 certificate in the UK) will laugh loudly and often at the enjoyable misadventures of three pre-teen best friends Max (Tremblay), Lucas (Williams) and Thor (Noon).

They have been friends since they were little, but that friendship is tested when Max gets invited to a ‘kissing party’, where he intends to pucker up to crush Brixlee (Millie Davis). Of course, he’s never kissed a girl before, so the boys decide the best way to learn is to spy on a couple of neighbours using Max’s dad’s expensive drone. That’s just the first of many bad decisions the trio make in the course of one epic day that involve drugs, booze and an impressive amount of sex toys.

As you’d expect from the makers of Sausage Party and Superbad, this has lots of rude and raucous humour added for shock value that’s aimed at older kids and adults rather than viewers the same age as the protagonists (the three actors aren’t actually old enough to see their own movie). But is also a surprisingly sweet look at friendship and how relationships can change as kids grow older, and it’s nicely played by the three leads.

They’re the real treat of this film, as Williams seriously talks about consent to his pals or Noon takes his first hesitant sips of beer, and while not all of the gags hit their mark, these kids deliver each one with a style that will have you laughing long after the end credits have rolled.

Is Good Boys suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This is a 15 certificate film and is aimed at adults and older teens. Please note that under-15s cannot see this film in UK cinemas.

This is a 15 certificate in the UK and R in the US for good reason – much of the film features jokes about sex, sex toys, drugs and drink and the boys are often in adult situations.

There are lots of sex and drug references, and the boys unwittingly carry drugs for a large portion of the film. BDSM, pornography and sex toys are mentioned.

There is also lots of strong language.

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