PAW Patrol: Ready Race Rescue

Certificate: U

Voices of: Lukas Engel, Addison Holley, Joseph Motiki

Release date: 2020

2 out of 5


PAW Patrol, the animated TV series for toddlers about a group of puppies who work as rescue dogs in their local town, gets another feature length (well, 47 minutes) episode following on from the enjoyable 2019 big screen adventure Mighty Pups.

Unfortunately, only the very smallest of viewers will be entertained by the story as the pups become the pit crew for (human) racing driver The Whoosh. His biggest rival is The Cheetah, who – unsurprisingly – cheats when she competes, but when Whoosh is incapacitated it is fire dog Marshall who goes behind the wheel in a round the world race to try and beat her.

While there are some positive messages about being your best, having confidence and, erm, not cheating, there’s not much else here that anyone over the age of five will enjoy. There’s very little humour, the voice acting is leaden and it’s all rather tedious – especially as none of the other dogs get much of a look in this time around.

One for ardent PAW Patrol fans only, and one that is probably better suited to the small screen, too.

Is PAW Patrol: Ready Race Rescue suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This is aimed at very young children and does not feature any scary moments.

Sensitive viewers may not be keen on ‘baddies’ Mayor Humdinger and The Cheetah but they are both harmless.

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