Heathers poster


Certificate: 15

Starring: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater

Release date: 1989

5 out of 5


One of the coolest teen movies of all time (but alas, one that originally had an ‘18’ certificate – you have been warned). Veronica Sawyer (Ryder) belongs to a popular but bitchy clique at Westerberg High called the Heathers (because the other three members are all named Heather, of course).

She’s had enough of their back-stabbing ways, however, so when she meets new-guy-at-school JD (Slater), it’s not long before the pair of them have teamed up and ‘accidentally’ murdered one of the group. Getting a taste for blood, JD then wants to kill all the annoying jocks and cheerleading types, but Veronica’s not sure this is such a good idea.

A bleak, dark and satirical look at teen life that’s often macabre and always dripping in sarcasm, Heathers boasts two superb central performances from Slater (channelling his inner Jack Nicholson) and Ryder, while there is nice support from Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk and Kim Walker as the three Heathers.

Superb stuff, but do note – owing to some rather raunchy language and the deliciously sadistic tone of the movie, you should definitely keep this hidden from younger viewers!

Is Heathers suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Please note this film has an 15 certificate and is NOT suitable for younger viewers. Some of the deaths would be seen as disturbing by younger viewers.

There is talk of suicide, murder, masturbation and sex. There is also violence and explicit language, and references to drug use. A character is talked into drinking bleach.

Please note this film was originally classified 18 when it was released in the UK in 1989.

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