The Craft review

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The Craft

The Craft

Certificate: 15

Starring: Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell

Release date: 1996

3 out of 5


Boys have suspected it for decades – when girls get together they become witches. At least, that’s what happens when school outcasts Nancy (Balk), Bonnie (Campbell) and Rochelle (Rachel True) befriend new-girl Sarah (Tunney), and realise she is the missing fourth girl they need to complete their teenage coven. Soon, the ‘bitches of Eastwick’ (as their schoolmates have dubbed them) are practising magic instead of doing their maths homework, changing the colour of their hair, levitating and wreaking revenge on their classmates with the help of a little witchcraft.

Despite the fact that none of the actresses were anywhere near teen age while making the film (Tunney was twenty-four, Balk and Campbell were twenty-two, and True was coming up to thirty), they’re all pretty convincing as tortured teens expressing their pubescent angst through magic. Of course, they could have conjured up hunky men and millions of dollars to ease their pain, but their twisted retributions are far more fun in this occasionally twisted horror comedy.

Is The Craft suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Note this film has a 15 certificate, and there are scenes of violence as the girls attack.

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