Certificate: PG

Voices of: Adam Devine, Rachel Bloom, Ken Jeong, Zazie Beetz, Catherine O’Hara

Release date: 2021

3 out of 5


Meet the flummels – a fluffy, doughnut-shaped species of animal living in the Galapagos islands in the 19th century. Thanks to a magical flower, two of their number – accident prone Op (Bloom) and Ed (Devine) – find themselves transported to modern-day Shanghai, and it is there that they discover flummels are now extinct.

Together they need to travel back in time to save their species from disappearing forever in this derivative but infectiously cute animated tale.

While the time-travelling stuff may be a bit confusing for very young viewers, there are enough silly jokes and neat touches (including Op and Ed teaming up with other extinct animals – ‘extinctables’ – to find the professor who saved them) to keep kids entertained, and some fun gags that’ll make older audiences chortle, too.

Is Extinct suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

The flummels are under threat of extinction, which may upset younger viewers, and Op and Ed do find themselves in a few precarious situations but each one is resolved quickly.


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