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Trolls review

Meet the singing, dancing, colourful and completely adorable Trolls... and they taste good, too...



Certificate: U

Voices of: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Christine Baranski

Release date: 2016

4 out of 5


Remember those fuzzy haired, garishly coloured plastic troll dolls from your childhood? Well, they’ve been given their own movie, but before you run away, shuddering in horror and muttering the word ‘smurfs’, hang on a moment: this animated movie is actually, surprisingly, really good.

Aimed at even the very youngest of viewers (but pretty enjoyable to older kids and grown-ups too), the bright, song-filled adventure tells the story of the trolls, who are rather adorable little critters who are always happy, have a regularly scheduled ‘hug-time’ and are pretty peaceful folk when they aren’t bursting into song. Trouble is, they are also tasty snacks to a race of ogre-like creatures called the Bergen, who are miserable all year and believe they will only find happiness if they eat our colourful pals.

When the Bergen’s nasty chef (the superb Baranski) finds the trolls’ home and snatches them away, only two escape – the perpetually optimistic princess Poppy (Kendrick) and miserable, dark and sarcastic troll Branch (Timberlake). They have to team up to try and rescue their friends from being served to Prince Gristle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and his palace for dinner.

Packed with songs that will have adults singing along (including September, an incredibly cute and surprisingly moving version of True Colours and Timberlake’s addictive hit Can’t Stop The Feeling), a terrific voice cast and a fun script, this is simply a happy, trippy, bouncy, and rather loveable movie. A must-see if you have little ones, but still worth catching even if you don’t.

Is Trolls suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

The trolls are sometimes in danger from the Bergens, and very young or sensitive viewers may be a little frightened when they are captured in the forest. It is probably worth showing a small child a clip featuring the Bergens to see if they are scared before you see the movie.

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