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Charlotte’s Web (1973) review

We review Charlotte's Web - the sweet cartoon adaptation of the weepie novel by EB White

Charlotte's Web 1973

Charlotte’s Web (1973)

Certificate: U

Voices of: Debbie Reynolds, Henry Gibson

Release date: 1973

4 out of 5


Get the hankies out for this sweet cartoon adaptation of Charlotte’s Web, the weepie novel by EB White (who also wrote Stuart Little) about the friendship between a pig, Wilbur (Gibson), and the spider, Charlotte (Reynolds), who helps to save him from slaughter by writing a message in her web about how special he is.

Cute without being sickly, this keeps pretty much to the original story and should delight even the smallest children (though, without wishing to spoil the ending, some may get upset as a major character dies) with its simple animation (by the animators at Hanna-Barbera, best known for The Flintstones), songs and charming characters.

A newer film version of the story, starring Dakota Fanning and featuring the voices of Julia Roberts (as Charlotte), Oprah Winfrey, John Cleese and Robert Redford was made in 2006.

Is Charlotte’s Web (1973) suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Little children may be upset that Wilbur is destined for slaughter, so will need an adult there to reassure them everything is going to be ok.

Also, there is an upsetting death in the latter stages of the movie.

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