Chasing Liberty

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Chasing Liberty

Starring: Mandy Moore, Jeremy Piven. (12)

Release date: 2004

2 out of 5


The (marginally) better of the two movies focusing on a rebellious US President’s daughter to be released in 2004 (the other, First Daughter, is also reviewed on Movies4Kids), this one stars singer/actress Moore as Anna, the eighteen-year-old who just wants to be treated like any other girl, rather than as the offspring of the leader of the free world. So when she’s on a trip to Europe, she gives her Secret Service guys the slip and ends up falling for a hunky Brit (Matthew Goode) she meets along the way.
Ripping off the classic Audrey Hepburn romance Roman Holiday at every turn, this certainly isn’t original, but there are moments of humour (mainly provided by Piven and Annabella Sciorra as two amorous Secret Service agents) and Moore makes an amiable leading lady. And, as a tour guide to Prague and Venice, it couldn’t be better. 

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