Antz review

Check out our review of Antz - a wonderfully enjoyable animated movie for older kids with an all-star cast

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Certificate: PG

Voices of: Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman

Release date: 1998

4 out of 5


Z-4195 (Allen) is a worker ant, tired of being just one in a billion, who falls for the colony’s Princess Bala (Stone), even though the bug caste system means he has no chance with her. Enlisting the help of his soldier ant pal Weaver (Sylvester Stallone), Zee ends up in battle and becomes a thorn in the side of General Mandible (Gene Hackman), an ant who has nefarious plans for the colony.

DreamWorks’s animated adventure Antz is superb to look at and features some great vocal characterisations from the famous cast (which also includes Anne Bancroft, Danny Glover, Jennifer Lopez and Christopher Walken), but don’t expect your little ones to be as enchanted as you may be. The gruesome bug battle scenes make Starship Troopers look like Teletubbies, so would scare the life out of small kids, and Zee’s neuroses are clearly aimed at filmgoers old enough to know who Woody Allen is and get the joke.

Make sure the under-10s are in bed and enjoy it as a witty and fun cartoon for grown-ups.

Is Antz suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

The aforementioned bug battle scenes. In one, the termites actually eat ants, and in another scene, an ant’s head is seen separated from its body. Really not suitable for small children.

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