A behind the scenes look at The Greatest Showman

We love Hugh Jackman here at Movies4Kids. While he’s been brilliant as Logan in the X-Men movies, hilarious as the drunk coach in Eddie The Eagle and despicably enjoyable as Blackbeard in Pan, we love him the most when he sings and acts, so are counting the days until the release of his latest movie, the musical The Greatest Showman.

In cinemas in the UK from Boxing Day (December 26th), the film stars Jackman as famous real-life showman PT Barnum, and costars Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zendaya. Check out the two behind the scenes featurettes, below, that show the beginnings of the movie project and the stars beginning their rehearsals:


The Greatest Showman will be in UK cinemas from December 26th, and December 20th in the US.