We Can Be Heroes

Certificate: PG

Starring: Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra, Christian Slater, YaYa Gosselin

Release date: 2020

2 out of 5


Remember Sharkboy and Lavagirl? Well, the teen superheroes of Robert Rodriguez’s 2005 action adventure are now all grown up, and have kids of their own – and it is those kids, along with the kids of superheroes like Tech-no (Slater) and Marcus Moreno (Pascal) who have to save the day when aliens kidnap their parents.

The kids all have their own super powers – manipulating water, sending time backwards, bendy bodies, etc – all of which we are introduced to in an interminably long scene, except Marcus’s daughter Missy (Gosselin), but she is the bossy one that convinces them to band together to take on the bad guys and save the day.

While the kids are fine and the low budget-style effects amusing, there’s little wit, plot or originality in this adventure and it all becomes pretty snoresome, pretty fast for both kids and adults. The grown ups actors are wasted, and there’s too much moralising from the kids, to the point where you won’t care whether there’s a happy ending or not. The 2005 movie Sky High did it all so much better – give this a swerve and watch that instead.

Is We Can Be Heroes suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

The kids are sometimes in mild danger, but there is nothing here that should upset kids aged 8 and over.

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