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Sky High review

We review Sky High - a superhero adventure crossed with a coming-of-age comedy

Sky High Poster

Sky High

Certificate: PG

Starring: Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston

Release date: 2005

4 out of 5


The superhero adventure is crossed with a coming-of-age comedy in this terrific film for all ages.

Young Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) is a pretty normal teenager – except both his parents are superheroes. Dad (Russell) is ‘The Commander’ and Mum (Preston) is ‘Jetstream’, and they are both eagerly awaiting the day that Will gets his own superpowers so that he can join them in the fight against crime. The trouble is, while some of Will’s young friends have already discovered what their superpower is, Will has had no signs at all, a problem he has kept to himself but which is bound to come out when he starts at Sky High, the school for superhero kids that is hidden in the clouds. Poor Will has to survive his first year at school – where he is soon relegated from ‘Hero’ class to the class for sidekicks – while dealing with the sports teacher from hell (Bruce Campbell), the school bully and an evil bad guy on the loose.

This all comes together as a thoroughly enjoyable romp, enlivened by deliciously tongue-in-cheek performances from Preston and Russell as the superhero parents, and smart turns from the kids. Comic fans will love the references littered throughout the film, while Lynda Carter (aka Wonder Woman) as the school principal and Campbell make it all even more fun. Part camp spoof, part teen adventure, this is a total treat.

Is Sky High suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...


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