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Top Cat Begins review

Check out our review of Top Cat Begins - where TC gets an origin story. We wish he hadn't...

Top Cat Begins Poster

Top Cat Begins

Certificate: U

Voices of: Jason Harris, Bill Lobley

Release date: 2015

1 out of 5


Oh dear. If you and your little ones were let down by 2010’s Top Cat, and sad that our favourite cheeky cat has sold out and now advertises a UK high street bank, you’ll already have your sights set pretty low for this prequel. Yet you will still be disappointed.

This Mexican animation is an origin story of sorts, beginning before TC formed his gang of Benny, Choo-choo, Brain, Spook and Fancy Fancy. Unfortunately, it seems that before he found his pals, Top Cat not only lacked friends but also charm and charisma, and the movie itself is pretty lacking in these attributes too. Even the littlest of kids won’t like the flashy animation that looks like cheap TV, and both children and adults will be infuriated by the uneven pacing that adds big chunks of dullness to every short action sequence.

At least this time the filmmakers keep Top Cat on his home turf (possibly taking on board the criticism of the first movie that had him fighting a robot police army), but this is still not a patch on any one of the original Top Cat episodes from the early 1960s. Do your kids a favour and watch those instead.

Is Top Cat Begins suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...


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