The Slipper And The Rose

Certificate: U

Starring: Gemma Craven, Richard Chamberlain

Release date: 1976

3 out of 5


A twist on the classic Cinderella tale told from Prince Charming’s point of view, this lovely old-fashioned musical is so very English it should be watched while eating scones with clotted cream and jam.

Edward (Chamberlain), the prince of tiny fictitious country Euphrania, is to be married off on the instructions of his father, the King (Michael Hordern). A bride-finding ball is arranged, and it is there Edward meets and falls in love with Cinderella (Craven), but instead of everything ending happily ever after, the King intervenes and insists Edward marries a more suitable woman to cement a political alliance.

Although it has dated somewhat, little girls will enjoy this dreamily filmed tale that brims over with floaty costumes, soft focus, romantic shots of Craven and Chamberlain, picturesque Austrian scenery and lavish song-and-dance numbers such as ‘What Has Love Got to Do With Getting Married’, and ‘Protocoligorically Correct’. Adults may find it all a bit naff (while secretly loving every fairytale moment) but can spend their time spotting the who’s who of old-fashioned British stars who appear, including Annette Crosbie (as the fairy godmother), Kenneth More (Lord Chamberlain) and Edith Evans (the sarcastic Dowager Queen).

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