The Cat From Outer Space

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The Cat From Outer Space

Starring: Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Roddy McDowall. (U)

Release date: 1978

3 out of 5


Four years before ET, a rather more furry alien got stuck on earth – an extraterrestrial cat named Jake who can communicate with humans thanks to telepathy and a rather clever collar. He really wants to rendezvous with his kitty pals before the government gets him, so he hooks up with a scientist (Berry) and two other doctors (McLean Stevenson and Duncan), in the hope they can help him return to his feline friends.
Deliciously silly stuff – things get extremely daft when Jake announces he needs $120,000 worth of gold to get his spaceship in orbit again, so he and the humans go gambling, making use of Jake’s telepathy – it’s harmless Disney fun for kids too young for Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which was released the same year). 

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