Certificate: PG

Voices of: Lizzie Waterworth, Ken Stott, Alex Kelly

Release date: 2019

3 out of 5


A charmingly stop-motion animated movie for young children, this British adventure tells the story of adorable Mungo the mole (Waterworth). He’s destined to work at the local gold mine just like his dad, and his father before him, but while he knows it is his duty, secretly Mungo dreams of being a star footballer.

Of course, Mungo isn’t as naturally great at sport as lions and gazelles – and he’s short-sighted as well – but a pair of special goggles made by his friend plus his determination and belief in himself work together to make him a sporting success. But at home there’s trouble at the mine thanks to a scheming boss (Stott), who, in a twist on James Bond villain Blofeld, is a cat seen sinisterly stroking a mouse as he plots.

Adults will feel nostalgia watching this sweet film populated by knitted characters as it looks a little like classic TV shows like The Clangers and Button Moon. Little children will love the footballing story – and the underlying theme of believing in yourself is handled well – but may be less understanding of the business one, while one surprise plot twist may be a little much for the most sensitive of viewers (see notes below).

Ultimately, it’s a cute movie for very young children, filled with lovely attention to detail (check out Mungo’s wriggly breakfast) and terrific voice work from Waterworth (also known as the voice of Horrid Henry), Stott and the cast.


Click here for Movies4Kids’ interview with voice actor (and voice of Mungo), Lizzie Waterworth. 

Is Strike suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Despite being aimed at very young viewers, Strike does have a PG certificate in the UK due to mild comic violence (e.g., one character is dropped into a pool of piranha fish) and upsetting scenes (see below).

Parents should note that one major character dies, which is very upsetting for Mungo and may also upset young children. Also, another character is kidnapped, but is rescued before the end of the movie.

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