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Shrek review

We review Shrek - Dreamworks' funny and irreverent tale of a big green ogre

Shrek poster


Certificate: U

Voices of: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz

Release date: 2001

5 out of 5


Just when we all thought Pixar had the monopoly on blockbuster computer animation with mega hits like Toy Story and A Bug’s Life, along came DreamWorks with this funny, irreverent tale of a big green ogre (voiced by Myers, who reportedly re-recorded all his dialogue after being disappointed by his first attempt, adding the ogre’s distinctive Scottish brogue for the recording that was used), living in a land populated by fairy-tale characters, who is reluctantly sent on a mission with wise-cracking Donkey (Murphy) to rescue independent gal Princess Fiona (Diaz) from a fire-breathing dragon.

Grown-ups can enjoy this tale, based on the kids’ book by William Steig, as a hilarious comedy packed with movie references (including The Matrix and Babe, and some digs at Disney’s theme parks when Donkey and Shrek visit the park-like kingdom of Duloc), and marvel at the luscious animation that took four years to film, while kids are charmed by the duo’s adventure, the numerous recognisable fairy-tale creatures and the antics of the grumpy antihero who bathes in mud and uses his own earwax for candles. Just brilliant.

Is Shrek suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Very little kids may not like Shrek very much (he is a big green ogre!).

Also, small children may be frightened by Donkey and Shrek’s trip to the dragon’s castle and the dragon itself, even though we know she’s lovely!

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