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Mulan (1998)

Certificate: U

Starring: Voices by Eddie Murphy, Ming-Na Wen, Pat Morita. (U)

Release date: 1998

3 out of 5


An unusual choice for Disney’s animators, Mulan is based on the popular Chinese legend of a young girl (voiced by ER’s Ming-Na Wen) who assumes male identity so she can run off and join the Chinese army and fight for her country against the evil Huns.
Of course, this being Disney, there has to be a cuddly creature in there somewhere, and here it’s in the form of Mushu, a mini-dragon voiced by Murphy (practising his voiceover skills a few years before his movie-stealing performance as Donkey in Shrek). Unfortunately, even his wisecracks can’t brighten up what is otherwise a lacklustre and predictable tale that is virtually devoid of the trademark Disney tunes that could have perked things up a bit. Technically terrific, but kids aren’t likely to be amused.

Is Mulan (1998) suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

There are some intense battle scenes that younger children may not enjoy.
There is also a scene involving a burned village that is quite upsetting.

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