Milo And Otis review

We review Milo And Otis - a simple animal tale that’s a must for smaller viewers

Milo And Otis poster

Milo And Otis

Certificate: U

Starring: Narrated by Dudley Moore

Release date: 1986

4 out of 5


A Japanese movie – its proper title is Koneko Monogatari – about the adventures of a cat (Milo) and his doggie pal (Otis), this follows the pair as they grow up together on a farm. One day they are separated, and the two begin perilous journeys to find each other again, across mountains, fields and snowy landscapes.

Beautifully filmed over four years by author and zoologist Masanori Hata, this is an adorable buddy movie featuring an entirely animal cast (apparently over thirty animals doubled for the leading pair), which is brightened up by Moore’s zippy narration, based on a script written by Mark Saltzman (who previously wrote for Sesame Street). A simple tale that’s a must for smaller viewers.

Is Milo And Otis suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

The scene in which a bear attacks Milo may scare very young ones.

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