Check out our review of Hoodwinked - is it any good and how suitable is it for kids?

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Starring: Voices by Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, Jim Belushi. (U)

Release date: 2005

3 out of 5


Ever wondered what really happened in the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Well, this computer-animated adventure attempts to put a modern twist on the fairytale (à la Shrek). It begins as police storm a cabin in the woods and arrest spunky teen Red (Hathaway), a wolf (Patrick Warburton), Granny (Close) and a confused, axe-wielding Woodsman (Belushi). It seems a bandit has been stealing recipes from the people and creatures of the forest, and one of these four could be the culprit.
So we learn about the events that led the four to the cabin from each one's perspective. This starts off fun, as Red's adventure involves a bonkers singing goat, an exploding cable car and a rollercoaster adventure on a mountain, but by the time we see what the wolf, woodsman and Granny have been up to (although there are some laughs as she's a grey-haired old dear addicted to extreme sports) it's all worn a little thin. There are some good jokes, some predictable ones, a few unnecessary musical moments, and a general air of cheekiness that will amuse even if there is nothing much new on display to impress. 

Is Hoodwinked suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...


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