Grease Poster


Certificate: PG

Starring: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John

Release date: 1978

5 out of 5


A snake-hipped, slick-haired and skinny Travolta (well, it was four decades ago that this classic musical was made) shines as Danny Zuko, hip leader of the T-Birds at fifties school Rydell High, who falls for sugary-sweet out-of-town girl Sandy (Newton-John) during the holidays and is then mortified when she turns up at his school, her goody-two-shoes image threatening to cramp his style.

Because the boy-meets-girl, boy-dumps-girl, boy-shows-his-manliness-and-wins-back-girl plot was already as old as the hills when the film first came out, this has stood the test of time surprisingly well, helped by the timeless song-and-dance-numbers, unashamed kitschness and spot-on performances from an ensemble cast which includes Stockard Channing (as bad girl Rizzo), Didi Conn (as beauty school drop-out Frenchy) and Jeff Conaway (Zuko’s tough pal Kenickie).

Girls of all ages love this movie (and much younger members of the audience probably won’t pick up on the few, muttered references to sex) but even boys can be convinced to watch for the super-cool car race.

Is Grease suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Very young viewers may find the car race, and the bad guy leader of the Scorpions a bit intense.

Parents may also be concerned that some of the ‘coolest’ characters are seen smoking, and when Sandy decides to appear cool, she does the same (although it does make her cough).

Parents should note that although this movie is a PG, it does contain some sexual content including:

a reference to a ‘hickey’ (love bite)

one character believing she is pregnant after a scene in which contraception is  briefly mentioned (and not used)

one male character trying to force himself on his girlfriend

a group of girls taunting their friend for being a virgin

there is an oblique reference to masturbation (‘flog the log’)


There is also some mild bad language.

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