Grease 2

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Grease 2

Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Maxwell Caulfield. (PG)

Release date: 1982

1 out of 5


This sequel to the phenomenally successful Grease is only worth catching if you want to see a movie that truly defines the word terrible. Set in the sixties, a decade later than Grease, this musical stars Michelle Pfeiffer (before she was a star, and on the strength of this it is amazing she ever became one) as Stephanie, the cool girl at Rydell High who doesn’t look twice at new English student Michael Carrington (Caulfield). In a reverse of the original movie, it’s him (not her) who has to change his image, and he does just that – donning dark-tinted motorbike helmet and biker jacket to whisk our Steph off her feet.
No doubt Pfeiffer leaves this one off her career CV, or she should following her dreadful rendition of songs like the eye-wincingly awful ‘Cool Rider’, while director Pat Birch – a talented choreographer who did the choreography for Grease – sensibly returned to her first profession and has not directed another movie since. 

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