Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite!

Certificate: U

Starring: Sarah Giles, Max Greenfield, Melissa Rauch, George Lopez, Callum Seagram Airlie

Release date: 2020

1 out of 5


The previously-at-war canines and felines from 2001’s Cats & Dogs and its 2010 follow-up The Revenge Of Kitty Galore are now getting along thanks to an inter-species truce, but they discover they have a new non-furry foe in this forgettable live action follow up.

This time around, talking animals Gwen the cat (voiced by Rauch) and Roger the dog (Greenfield) are the secret agent pets that have to protect the world without humans ever finding out. Unfortunately their nemesis is a rather bland parrot named Pablo (Lopez) rather than the infinitely more interesting Mr Tinkles or Kitty Galore from the previous movies.

Throw in a couple of insipid teenager owners with parental issues and a script that seems to have had all humour and adventure removed with a pooper scooper, and you’re left with a dull animal movie for little ones that only redeems itself by being slightly less annoying than Nine Lives, the one-star flop with Kevin Spacey trapped in a cat’s body.

*Arachnophobes (and parents of arachnophobes) should note that the film does feature a talking tarantula in close up (see Parent’s notes below)

Is Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

One of the bad guys in the movie is a tarantula, and those who don’t like spiders should be aware there are quite a few close up shots of it towards the end of the movie (and it is quite disturbing when it talks).

There are also a pair of snakes and a lizard that threaten the cats and dogs which may upset younger viewers and those who don’t want to see reptiles close up and talking.

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