Barney's Great Adventure

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Barney's Great Adventure

Starring: Diana Rice, Shirley Douglas. (U)

Release date: 1998

3 out of 5


Barney, the dopey-voiced purple dinosaur first seen in the nineties TV series Barney & Friends, has divided adults into two camps – those who think he has kitsch charm and a sweet message for kids (‘I love you, you love me…’ etc), and those who think he is creepy and, in the words of one website user: ‘an evil, brain-sucking alien’. Screen-savers and computer games (and numerous websites, of course) have demonstrated various ways that Barney (aka ‘the purple antichrist’) can be stopped, but while grown-ups debate his merits, tots have most likely already moved on to newer singing and dancing characters for their entertainment.
If your little one is a fan, however, this movie is a more entertaining option than the TV show, as Barney’s adventure takes him out of a TV studio and onto a farm. That’s where little Cody, his sister Abby and friend Marcella are staying when Cody discovers a purple dinosaur toy. Said toy turns into the 8ft purple dinosaur that is Barney, and it’s he who shows the kids a magic egg which then accidentally ends up on a truck, so the kids have to go after it. It’s all about believing in yourself and in others, and there are a few old-favourite songs in there too, like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, to get younger viewers singing along. 

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