Babar: The Movie

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Babar: The Movie

Starring: Voices by Gordon Pinsent, Sarah Polley, Gavin Magrath. (U)

Release date: 1989

3 out of 5


A sweetly entertaining film for little tots and their grown-ups, this follows the adventures of the young Babar, boy king of the elephants, featured in the Babar books written by the French de Brunhoff family in the 1930s . It’s like a junior Indiana Jones with tusks as our hero plods off to save his girlfriend Celeste’s village after it is attacked by nasty rhinos and the elders are taken away.
Grown-ups may be slightly disconcerted that Celeste is a bit of a girly ninny, whimpering at the slightest sign of trouble, but that aside, this is a cute little adventure (with English-speaking voices replacing the original French ones) with some fun sing-along songs as Babar saves the day.

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