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A Bug’s Life review

We review A Bug's Life - another beautifully animated and entertaining adventure from Pixar

A Bug's Life

A Bug’s Life

Certificate: U

Voices of: Kevin Spacey, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, David Hyde Pierce

Release date: 1998

4 out of 5


Disney/Pixar, who made Toy Story, followed that success with this computer-animated creature feature. Like Antz, A Bug’s Life follows the adventures of one lowly ant, in this case the clumsy Flik (voiced by Dave Foley).

Each year, his ant colony collects food for the bigger and meaner grasshoppers, but when Flik accidentally destroys the offering, he’s sent off into the wilderness to try and recruit an army of tough bugs to help the ants’ crusade against the grasshoppers. Of course, he manages to get this wrong as well, and inadvertently recruits a troupe of circus-performing insects instead.

Aimed firmly at a family audience, but with a few star names (Kevin Spacey, Frasier’s David Hyde Pierce, Denis Leary) doing voice-overs to entertain the grown-ups, this is a beautifully animated and entertaining adventure. While not quite as funny as Toy Story, the end credits feature some fab spoof out-takes that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Is A Bug’s Life suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Young children may be frightened by the grasshoppers, especially Hopper (menacingly voiced by Kevin Spacey).

There is also a scene where birds chase the insects which may upset little ones.

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