Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape review

Check out our review of Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape - is it any good and how suitable is it for kids?

Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape

Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape

Certificate: PG

Voices of: Jamel Debbouze, Mélissa Theuriau, Arié Elmaleh

Release date: 2015

2 out of 5


French-Moroccan comedian Jamel Debbouze directs this animated prehistoric comedy that has also been titled Evolution Man (its French title, ‘Comment j’ai pas mange mon pere’, bizarrely translates to ‘Why I Did Not Eat My Father’ which doesn’t sound very kid-friendly).

Edward is the smart-mouthed member of an ape clan led by Simeon, until the day that the young ape finds himself banished to the plains. It’s there he learns to walk upright, discovers fire and finds love in the form of Lucy in this supposedly jokey adventure about the beginnings of evolution.

The trouble is, it isn’t funny. It’s also badly dubbed into English – for some reason Edward sounds and talks like a Sarf Londoner – and comes across as a charmless animal adventure that is too dull for older kids and too creepy looking for younger ones.

Is Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

The apes are very strange looking, with partly human features which may upset younger viewers.

Younger viewers will be upset that baby Edward is almost fed to a hyena.

Edward is chased by various animals which may frighten younger viewers as the attackers are quite creepy looking.

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