Toy Story 4 – first look! UPDATED!

It’s been eight years since the heart-wrenching Toy Story 3 was released in cinemas, but now a follow-up is finally in sight! Toy Story 4 will open in cinemas on 21st June 2019, and we have the very first glimpse of it at Movies4Kids.

Fans will remember that Woody (Tom Hanks) is now in the care of little girl Bonnie, but when she adds ‘Forky’ to her collection of toys, it leads to a big adventure in the outside world. Tim Allen and Joan Cusack return to voice Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, while Tony Hale is the voice of spork/craft project Forky.

Check out the first teaser trailer:

And, if Disney.Pixar weren’t spoiling us already, they have just released a second sneak peek, that introduces two more new characters – Ducky and Bunny. They are two carnival booth prizes voiced by Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele who join Buzz and Woody on their new adventure – meet them in this clip: