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Toy Story review

We review Toy Story - a cute, comic and completely unmissable animated comedy from Pixar

Toy Story poster

Toy Story

Certificate: PG

Voices of: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

Release date: 1995

5 out of 5


A rip-roaring computer-animated adventure that is, quite frankly, far too intelligent, funny and beautifully made to be just for a junior audience.

Six-year-old Andy doesn’t know that his playthings come alive when he’s not in the room. Led by Woody (Hanks), a cowboy doll that’s always been Andy’s favourite, the toys (including Bo Peep, Mr Potato Head and Rex the dinosaur) gather to await Andy’s birthday, where he may get – oh no! – a new toy that he likes more than all of them.

And this year, Andy gets the super-duperist toy ever: Buzz Lightyear (Allen). Woody realises he has to get rid of Buzz to be Andy’s favourite once again, and his machinations lead the pair into terrible danger in the world outside Andy’s bedroom.

A witty script and wonderful, almost 3-D animation, plus Hanks and Allen’s spot-on characterisations, make this a hugely enjoyable treat. Cute, comic and completely unmissable, this set the standard for all future computer-animated adventures.

Is Toy Story suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Little viewers (under 7s) may be scared by Sid, the nasty kid next door, and his creations (he takes the heads off toys and sticks them on others, burns toys, and generally mutilates them).

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