The Wild

Check out our review of The Wild - is it any good and how suitable is it for kids?

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The Wild

Starring: Voices by Kiefer Sutherland, James Belushi, Eddie Izzard. (U)

Release date: 2006

3 out of 5


The plot of Madagascar is mixed with Finding Nemo as dad lion Samson (Sutherland) has to leave the safety of New York Zoo when his son Ryan (Greg Cipes) is accidentally shipped to Africa. Of course, Samson has a few sidekicks to help him navigate the mean streets of Manhattan and the even meaner wilds of the jungle, and these come in the wisecracking form of a koala named Nigel (Izzard), Benny the squirrel (Belushi), giraffe Bridget (Janeane Garofalo) and Larry the snake (Richard Kind).
It's all perfectly watchable entertainment for the family, even if the humour is a bit dumb for older viewers (though grown-ups will snigger at William Shatner's delicious vocal performance as the movie's animal bad guy). And while it is very similar to Madagascar, The Wild's makers can't be accused of copying as this film was well into production when Madagascar was released in 2005. 

Is The Wild suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Young viewers may be upset when Ryan is taken away from the zoo.

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