The Kid

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The Kid

Starring: Bruce Willis, Spencer Breslin, Emily Mortimer. (PG)

Release date: 2000

3 out of 5


Unliked and unhappy businessman Russell Duritz (Willis) gets a chance for redemption in this cute Disney movie when a chubby little boy turns up and changes his life. And it’s not just any young boy – Rusty (Breslin) is actually Russell’s eight-year-old self, magically sent forward in time to help Russell become a better man.
Yes, this is as cutesy as it sounds, but it’s also a pretty charming fantasy, as the slick, self-assured older man gets a reminder of what it was like to be a kid, and finds his inner, nicer self when the bemused pair team up to discover how this all happened and how to get little Rusty back home. There’s sweet chemistry between the two leads and a superbly sarcastic performance from Lily Tomlin as Willis’s assistant. One of those movies that’s much more enjoyable than you expect it to be. 

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