The Emperor's New Groove

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The Emperor's New Groove

Starring: Voices by David Spade, John Goodman. (U)

Release date: 2000

3 out of 5


One of Disney’s lesser successes – and the first Disney animated movie to feature a pregnant woman, fact fans – this was actually intended to be a big-budget, epic animated musical with a score by Sting called Kingdom of the Sun. When a portion that had been completed was shown to audiences, it wasn’t well received though, so the animators literally went back to the drawing board and changed the film to this lighter comedy (some of Sting’s music remains on the soundtrack).
Comedian David Spade provides the voice of Kuzco, a spoiled young emperor who is turned into a llama by sorceress Yzma (Eartha Kitt). Abandoned in the jungle, Kuzco the llama is befriended by llama-herder Pacha (Goodman), whom Kuzco, when he was human, was going to evict from his home with his family (it’s Pacha’s missus who is with child) so he could build a bigger swimming pool. It’s all far more slapstick and silly than you expect from a Disney animated movie, mainly thanks to a fun character called Kronk (voiced by Patrick Warburton of Seinfeld fame, he got his own movie spin-off) and some nicely timed gags that should amuse both young and older viewers. 

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