Superman II review

We review Superman II - amazingly this sequel to 1978’s Superman is even better than the original

Superman II

Superman II

Certificate: PG

Starring: Christopher Reeve, Terence Stamp, Gene Hackman

Release date: 1980

5 out of 5


If it’s possible, this sequel to 1978’s Superman is even better than the original. Richard Donner, who directed the first one, had filmed some footage for this sequel while making Part I but was replaced by Richard Lester, who re-shot most of it (some of Donner’s original footage apparently remains, and was reinstated for a special edition DVD).

This time Clark/Superman (Reeve) has to decide whether his love life or being a superhero is more important. He’s in love with Lois Lane, and prepared to give up his powers to be with her, but his timing is a bit off – just as he relinquishes his powers, three Kryptonian bad guys are freed from their one-dimensional prison and head to earth to cause some havoc. Oh Superman, please save us!

Packed with action and adventure, and more comedy than Superman (especially when Lois decides to test whether Clark is really Superman by throwing herself into Niagara Falls in the hope he will save her), this also boasts three terrific villains in the form of Terence Stamp’s General Zod, Sarah Douglas’s S&M vamp Ursa and Jack O’Halloran’s thuggish Non. A super treat.

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