Never Been Kissed

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Never Been Kissed

Starring: Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Michael Vartan. (12)

Release date: 1999

3 out of 5


In this enjoyable comedy Drew Barrymore is Josie Geller, a bumbling twentysomething journalist who gets a chance to prove herself when her editor sends her undercover at a school to lift the lid on what nefarious activities teens get up to nowadays. A brainy geek during her own school years, Josie sees this as the perfect opportunity to rewrite history, become a popular kid and get the kiss she never had first time round, and in the process she falls for her English teacher (Alias star Vartan) who is, of course, unaware of her true identity.
It’s a simple but fun romance in the Clueless vein, enlivened by a great central performance from the infectiously cute Barrymore, and a wacky supporting turn from Scream’s Arquette as her older brother, who fancies reliving his own high-school glories. 

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