Lord Of The Flies

Check out our review of Lord Of The Flies - is it any good and how suitable is it for kids?

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Lord Of The Flies

Starring: Balthazar Getty, Chris Furrh. (15)

Release date: 1990

3 out of 5


This version of William Golding’s novel doesn’t remain too faithful to the text, but is an interesting boys’ film nonetheless. A group of American boys from a military school (it was British prep school boys in the book) are stranded on an island following a plane crash and have to work together to survive. However, they split into two factions – the group who believe in decency and making things work, led by Ralph (Getty), and an opposing group led by Jack (Furrh) who start off as hunters but then become something far more sinister.
While the book was a fascinating look at children’s descent into savagery, this is rather too glossy and slick to be convincing. The hard-to-find 1963 British black-and-white film is somewhat grittier, and there are good performances from the children, many of whom were new to acting.

Is Lord Of The Flies suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This has some gory moments, including the decapitation of a pig, the stabbing of a boy, the whipping of a boy by other children, and a boy bleeding from a cracked skull.
Two main characters’ deaths are also distressing.
Note this was given a 15 certificate when it was released in the UK.

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