Honey review

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Certificate: PG

Starring: Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer

Release date: 2003

3 out of 5


A sweet movie with a winning central performance from Alba as Honey, a hip-hop dancer in Harlem who wants to become a music video choreographer. Even when it looks like her dream will come true, she stays true to her roots by encouraging local kids to dance and even put on a show for the community.

While boys may watch for Alba’s oft-bared midriff, this is really a girlie dance drama with a few hurdles thrown in for Honey to navigate along the way (including a video director wanting to get into Honey’s pants), a romance (with Phifer) and some guest cameos (Missy Elliott and Ludacris among them). It’s pretty predictable, but for girls into dance it’s a treat.

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