Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

Certificate: U

Voices of: Tomas Ayuso, Elisabeth Gray, Stephen Hughes

Release date: 2021

3 out of 5


Alexandre Dumas’ classic swashbuckling novel The Three Musketeers and the 1980s TV series Dogtanian are the inspiration for this fun animated adventure that has adorable beagle Dogtanian joining the Muskehounds to protect the King of France from the machinations of power-grabbing Cardinal Richelieu and Siamese cat henchwoman Milady.

It’s a brightly coloured, fast-paced and often funny historical romp, that feels cosily old-fashioned despite the slick CG animation. There are sword fights, adventures on the high seas and dastardly betrayals galore, and kids will laugh and be entertained throughout. Adults may question why the dogs, cats and mice can talk (and walk on two legs) and the horses – including loveable nag Sandy – can’t, but the overall movie is so likeable you’ll forgive the filmmakers and be charmed anyway.

Is Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This movie is aimed at all ages. Dogtanian and the Muskehounds are sometimes in danger, but never for very long and there are no scary scenes.

Parents of very young viewers should note that (SPOILER ALERT) Pip the mouse is shot towards the end of the movie, but we learn quickly that he is okay.

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